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MRBC: 373 vs SROT

Date: Jun 01, 2017
Time: 08:45 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek


Starting a new job in a new town, will know if I can make it by Tuesday.
Shiiiiit. Madcat, zero way you can be there on that Thursday?

edit: I've asked for a reschedule to Wednesday, but they don't have to accommodate us.
BBJ did well in that ACH. If maddy is a no go then i will get some reps with him in this week.
I can do any day before but when it hits the first I am gone.
Oh that's right, yer outta town!
I have water polo at 11 EST and need to leave 15-30 mins before to get there, but if we start on time and bang drops, I should be good for the duration I believe.

still trying to get it moved to Wed. We cannot afford all of these distractions. Must keep ahead of MM!
Yo peeps, if we cannot get 8, I've zero intention of playing a man down.

Where are all of the hardcore comp guys?
These get hidden behind all the updates!
im definitely in, but i only have 90 mins for this. gotta be somewhere at 8 (PST)
Sorry all. Family stuff coming up, unable to attend this match this week.
just a clarification, i will be here and can DC those 2 drops if you still want me to. talking with BBJ and it sounds like there was confusion over whether i would be there. i was just trying to say that i would be missing the scrim tonight (which sounds like it fell though)
Scrim fell thru but the walkthrus went well. Specifically for 2-3, based on the tweaks to them that were made we are going to use predominantly those people for the match, assuming they are signed up (believe all are). Will have dec later today. Turns out the SJR falling thru benefited us if only because of those walk thrus.

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