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MRBC 505th vs Coalition Reborn

Date: Jun 11, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: SCom Warwolf1216
Category: PvP
Our fight against Coalition Reborn.
Drop Dec. on Drop Sheet


Honestly, i want to throw in a LRM dec for a drop or two, these guys are traditionally lrmers and this is the easiest fight we have in this season. I want the win, thats not gonna change, but i also want to screw around with a couple drops and be really creatively trolly
This match is most likely a forfeit from coalition reborn due to their lack of players. We will still need to show up at the scheduled time. Thanks!
You will not be playing this team but prepare like you are. You all need to be there, in the lobby, ready to roll at the scheduled match time. Take a screen shot of your 8 ready to rock and the other side empty.

This will give you 1725 pts and get you posed to smack up Coffins Raiders in your final match!

Good luck adders!
dunno about you guys, but I like turtles
They're pretty good.
you sure we need to darth? last i heard theyve officially withdrawn. i put in a ticket regarding it a few days ago to confirm the course of action to take regarding this. will post their reply as a comment to this
Thats how most do it just to be sure, you may not have to but like i said above. That takes a whole 2 mins to just get 8 guys in wahtever mechs, jump in a lobby and get your screenie as proof you were there ready to drop.

Either way, its a win for the good guys. Fek Sneks i mean.
we have to lobby up or what?
Yes, to,claim a forfeit you lobby up, show them not present with screenies and submit with all bonuses etc.

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