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MRBC 505th vs Coffin's Raiders

Date: Jun 18, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: SCom Warwolf1216
Category: PvP
MRBC Fight from week 4
Check week 4 on drop sheet for pilots and mechs


Strats were in place for this, just need to re-confirm everything on that dropdec but i think the strats should be fine. this is now our LAST fight and should be a good one. kinda happy we rescheduled this one, COAR being our final match was anti-climatic
Out of town and likely not back in time.
we've had a request to push up this reschedule a bit by the enemy team. Need feedback regarding if we want to go ahead with that option and if so what days would be viable.
SCPT Soba99
I can do it this Sat, Sun, after 3:00pm PST

Tues 13th, or Th 15th after 6:00pm PST
Any time after that Sunday before July 4th weekend. Leaving 30th and not home over weekend. Most evenings I am on and can make it. Also, any time between now and the 15th.
BW Meowzz
my girlfirend and i are going to some natural hot-springs and am going to adventure some of the beautiful spots of southern british columbia this weekend. i'm leaving friday morning and returning sunday when we wake up - i may or may not make it back in time
BW Nickredace
I know I haven't been on for a while but I'll be on at the time if you need me .
missing tiger, dom and myantra. meowzz might be late. anyone reading this in the 505 team get on TS and start warming up and confirm various mechs with me. still have open slots that i need to sort out!

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