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Trials of Position

Date: Aug 20, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek
For unblooded members looking to earn their VOTING rights and for those who need it in order to remain on the 373rd/173rd competitive teams.

  1. MW Shadowson
  2. MW MrVida
  3. SN Tisg
  4. SN Loken
  5. SN Frakbait
  6. SN VTTimber
  7. SN Goatking
  8. SN LadyBlaize
  9. SN Krivvan
  10. SN Johntherussian
  11. SN ChenoRependo
  12. SN BattleMunkey

Eligible after their vote passes:
  • Sibkin Leadass
  • Sibkin Viper21
  • Sibkin Therax
  • Sibkin Luthander
  • Sibkin Max Immelmann


Love how,the list is getting shorter as folks knock these out!
I don't know if I will be up for it, still got to drive for 5 hours today.
Chendo, which weight class and option, and have you read the ToP section so you know the rules of the event?
i will be here
BW Dougie
you forgot to remove me from the list :-P

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