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Trials of Position

Date: Aug 13, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek
For unblooded members looking to earn their VOTING rights and for those who need it in order to remain on the 373rd/173rd competitive teams.

  1. MW Shadowson
  2. MW MrVida
  3. SN Tisg
  4. SN Loken
  5. SN Frakbait
  6. SN VTTimber
  7. SN Goatking
  8. SN LadyBlaize
  9. SN Krivvan
  10. SN Johntherussian
  11. SN ChenoRependo
  12. SN BattleMunkey

Eligible after their vote passes:
  • Sibkin Leadass
  • Sibkin Viper21
  • Sibkin Therax
  • Sibkin Luthander
  • Sibkin Max Immelmann


BW Wizywig
excited. been practicing my IS trial mechs!
If lukoi doesnt get around to showing up i will hold the ToP this sunday for anyone looking to get blooded!

BO's sign up!
Sorry, will be present! But as Adder Keeper, I still consider this your baby to run.
Buff you lore and fluff so much better then me, i just say go and they fight lol.
I'll be around to help :-)
BW eta0h
My intention is to be around to help out.
373 nerds we need one last match to qualify and if we can squueze in a win, it will help solidify or spot in top 12 a bit.
Revis, wont be back from dropping off my kid in RDU until close to 1030 so alll you man. Looks like plenty of sign ups. And someone bust Kriv's chops to try one out lol. 373 if enough of our WC+ crew is on, lets try to get one more win.
BW Dougie
Very good jobs all around tonight, the blood officers did amazing and so did wizzy <3 vnj's it was alot of fun.

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