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NBT Lobby Practice

Date: Sep 14, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek
Preparing for upcoming raids and potential garrison defense of Alshain.


Gang this is supposed to be pur #1 night for attendance so hoping for a good showing. 505, not sure if you are still planning on doing CQ but if that falls through, stop in for some drops.

This practice is for:
A 505 raid in the north
A 173 raid in the south
A 373 defense that is upcoming

NBT drops are designated by Cluster but drops are filled by folks who can be prepared for the drops and can be mixed Cluster groups of 8 as required. The designated Cluster gets first dibs basically, but if folks dont show Im not risking our limited assets on unprepared pilots.
SCPT Soba99
Can only make the tail end : (.
Better than nothing!
Phone app won't let me pick maybe. Either way, Will try to be on time. :-)
I'm gunna try and make it tomorrow :)

If you have any of the following mechs, please have them ready:

ASN21 SRM brawler
H2CA with ERLL based build
NVA's with our inhouse build
SCR brawlers

those will the form the core of some our matches tomorrow night.
Mmm. I don't have the Highlander IICA or the Stormcrow, but I do have the Nova And Assassin.
H2C is the Huncback Scout. We don't use the Highlander usually.
Ahh okay. I'm used to HBK being used for the abv.

But yes, I have everything just about save for the crow.
HBK for the IS version, H2C for the Clan is what we usually do, since we almost never use hte highlander (not yet in comp actually).

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