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NBT: CJF challenge to Huntress (match and scrim)

Date: Oct 03, 2017
Time: 09:30 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek
373 has a 5v5 match vs R79T
173 has a 3 drop, 8v8 vs R79T

More information as we get it from the Raptors.


Tuesdays are no good for me

Night class, doesn't end until after this match
SCom McGral18
Unless the Uni goes on Strike....then I could make it

Probably not, but we'll see.
SCom McGral18
"An impasse has been reached, Legal Strike Action Position as of Thursday"

So....I may have to change to a maybe.
I feel like it's been two years in a row now...
Seriously 373 -- need some love here.
McGral.....two strikes at university in a row. You go to a tumultuous school my friend.

Gents, this is an NBT match and we do not have enough 173/505 to field a team for it between TWO clusters.

P.s. it is actually very helpful to sign up as a firm NO if you know you will not be attending, so DC's can better plan their drops.
373, we need some 5v5 practice BEFORE THIS EVENT.

Expect me to demand it Sunday.
i can be around sunday. Been kinda aloof this week and a bit of last but things are calming down around here.
I'll try to be there, my leave of absence post explains more on why I haven't been around.
5-man will be:

Revis is first alternate, I am second.

I will be here, hit me up if you need me but i prolly wont sign into the client just to sit and watch.

But like i said, im here all night so just msg me and i will check in to see how its going and that we have enough to field a 5 man.
Once,the 5 man is over, I intend to farm grp queue a bit.