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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Trial of Position

Date: Dec 10, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek

  1. Mechwarrior Deadmetal
  2. Snake Sedant
  3. Snake MentalMeltdown
  4. Snake Backshot
  5. Snake Slystone
  6. Snake Crysallis
  7. Snake Unfearing
  8. Snake lpmagic
  9. Snake Giggity


Gang, believe Inviictus is still having major PC problems so he's not likely to attempt his tonight. So we will just roll right into group queue and tearing it up for a short bit :P

Also, 173 has a match upcoming vs Clan Nova Cat (NBT is their ingame tag). Aiden will post the details once he has them.
BW eta0h
Have some stuff to do, but I might be able e to get on a little later.
No worries, just a little group queue going on.
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