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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Adders, this coming Sunday, with a link up time preferably around 15-30 minutes prior, we have a raid vs Wolf in Exile. Major event.

This is 373 led but we definitely need some back up pilots. Sign up if you are available and willing. Will get with those pilots this week to get some additional group drops in and assess mechs and builds with them so that all are ready for this match.

Mechs, maps, modes are already posted in the thread about this match on NBT forums.
wont be back from traveling in time
BW eta0h
I'm out of town this weekend, hope you can get the 8th.
BW Therax
Thanksgiving weekend for me so I can not make it.
Thanksgiving in October? where are you from?
BW Therax
When else would you have Thanksgiving? November has the Grey Cup and December has Boxing Day.
BW eta0h
Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving Oct 9th. :)
Saw this on the calendar this week and thought to myself...

"those drunks asses dont even know when thanksgiving is!" :p

lmao, now I know.
not sure when my turkey dinner is
I'm available. Can't get the damn phone to change to accept. Keeps making me decline. Anyways. I'll be there
Will move you, thanks Skin!