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173 NBT Practice

Date: Oct 10, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: BW thehiddenedge
173rd and 505th pilots looking to play in NBT need to attend. 373 pilots are of course welcome to join.


BW Montbard
I just moved to a new house. My internet provider is supposed to send a technician on Monday for the new installation but I did not get the final confirmation yet. I will change my status once I can be sure that I can or cannot make it.
np man
I am happy to be able to say will probably make it given the circumstances.
Looks like the wild fires in Santa Rosa are going to miss us. For a while there was not sure, I had pulled all my drives, packed the important stuff and was ready to throw it in the car and go. The wind died down and shifted and I have been seeing fire planes and a fire chopper going over the house headed toward the fire lines. A large section of town has burned to the foundations. 20,000 evacuated so far and 0% contained. The have been focused on evacuations and so much was on fire all they could do is watch it burn in most cases. They did fight the fires around two hospitals as they evacuated everyone to hospitals to the south. Several friends have lost everything but since the fires started in the middle of the night and moved faster than anyone could believe happy they are still with us.
That's quite the ordeal Dom. Glad to hear that you're safe.
More than likely hopping onto this one. But putting a maybe just in case something happens.
Be closer to 945 before I can get on but willing cannon fodder nonetheless.
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