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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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BW Luminaye
I will be out of town this weekend
May have plans.
So what do we have as far as maps, modes, and tonnages?
Soon as i get them, will forward to you.
350 tonnes - Domination - Canyon Network

400 tonnes - Conquest - Mining Collective

450 tonnes - Conquest - Forest Colony

500 tonnes - Conquest - Tourmaline Desert

550 tonnes - Domination - Grim Plexus
Ok, will start planning when I get home.

KD I'm assuming you're a yes from the message?
Scout was a maybe.

Need more 173/505 to sign up.
We are team 2 for the fight.
i clicked yes i clicked yes! i want a cookie!!
Get your Momlike life partner to signup as well. Cookies are for closers!
Edge, got your gameplan for tonights scrimmage?