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NBT/MRBC Practice - 2018 Edition

Date: Jan 04, 2018
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek
Continuing to knock the holiday malaise off and get back into it! This will be a similar practice to Tuesday's, with 2-3 lights per side, and heavy/meds making up the balance of slots, with range/roles being different for both sides.

If you plan to attend, sign up, as it makes it quicker and easier to get the teams established right off of the bat.

Then we'll break out into the two teams (both those trying out and those already established) and work on some gelling/cohesion in the proper squads in an attempt to knock off the rust from our break!

Goal is to keep the practice to 60-90 minutes!


sign up nerds.
SCPT Soba99
Late night again : (. Will get on when I get home.
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