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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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173 and 505 you,guys will own tbis session. 373 will be practicing the bum rush in group queue.
I'll try to make this one. I'm working 14 hour days till at least Friday.
sounds painful XD
Have a dinner that will finish late. Will probably not be able to make it in time.
Have fun bois, gonna be Lunar New Year day 1 in Singapore. cya guys next Tue.
Party hard brosef!
got an apt this aft. will work on the dec and put a link/info up around 5 or 6? for any forum warriors keeping an eye on practice details
will be running the drops in reverse order. For the 505 run a 9th on your team with an adjusted +40 tons.

Drop 3 - Forest 350 Dom
Drop 2 - Crimson 450 Dom
Drop 1 - Terra 500 Conq

Want to run 2 drops on forest with slight tweaks, confirm/test our strat for crimson at least once, and do terra at LEAST twice maybe mow so anyone in that drop be prepared for a third and possibly fourth if 173 doesnt get it right.
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