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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Can't wait to attend my first practice!
Will be out of town for work for this one.

That being said, do have a game plan for what I'd like the squads to work on here for a lobby session. Will see how sign ups flesh out and then go from there with the game plan.

Not available this tuesday(and Wednesday). Thursday should be green.
The heads up of a no is helpful tho!
wubaluba dub dub?
but seriously though... would you suggest anyone taking a dedicated light role for the season? its something I've heard KD and aiden talk about in the past.
were still in the process of who goes where but congress as a dedicated light comes to mind. if your interested in being one as well we can talk about it before or after practice
I'd upvote Inviictus as a light pilot though. He's super aggressive and cagey at the same time from when I've played with and against him.
BW Nickredace
hey is it possible that the next practices can be 8-10 instead of 9-11, I'm just saying because i've got work in the mornings and I gotta be up at 3.
In 373 we have dedicated light and assault pilots, as their play styles are largely very different from med/heavy and alternates on the MRBC drops that have either 4 lights or 4 assaults. In NBT, we rarely get above 3 of either so it is less of an issue.