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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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New month, new mode for this practice.

373 pilots will form the B lance of each side, cap their respective start point and stay in the back of the map while the other lances start,the battle. At a certain clock time (TBD) each b lance will be released to reinforce their team.

Positioning to mitigate that or to capitlize on it will be key and will sharply change the way the map plays out each time.
More Snakes!
No for me. I've got programming project to do + a test that next morning.
Damn your higher education!
sounds interesting lukoi, cant wait to see how it plays out
Can't make this one.
lookin like a nice turnout but NEED MOAR SNEKS!!!
I have flu, I will not be on tonight.
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