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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Gang this will be a "+1" match fought by respective clusters.

First match, 505 vs 173 (9 on 8).

If 173 wins, they take on 373 (9 on 8).

If 505 wins, they take on 373 (10 on 8).

then we reset :P
That sounds 'fair' I'm down.
lol i did tell 505 that the 'old' 505 had to fight the 373 on a semi-regular basis :P they had fair warning!
attending but leaving around 10:30pm EST
Gang, will be coming up with a few specific courses of action here as this practice is the final one before the match vs R79.
just wondering lukoi, will this be 373 on team 1 and 173/505 on team 2 changing direction every time we get hit?
No. We are prepping for Thursday night's match. This will get changed up to reflect that, so the 0/10/reset drill will be modified. I need 373 guys to get reps on the three maps for the match up.

Drop 1 - Frozen, 350 t (OPFOR will have 380t and 9 people)
Drop 2 - Mining, 400 t (OPFOR will have 325t/9)
Drop 3 - River, 450 t (OPFOR 475t/9)

We'll do each of the three maps no more than twice to reinforce basic strat. We'll settle for one iteration if things seem to be working well enough.

373 guys will drop 2 of the 3 drops each on drop 1 - 173/505 split the second half and have a spectator along with 373 for observation.

That uses 17 of our 26 bodies each go around, so everyone should be able to get a few drops in this way.
I'll be there
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