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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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We will be doing scrims focused on helping out 505th work on cohesion. More info will be posted later on maps and tonnages.

If possible, come on about a hour before to prepare for it.
id like to see 1-2 of the drops on forest, 173rd needs the practice on that map. depending on attendance 505 run 9 or 10 on field?
Out of town 20-21 for work.
For sure for Forest, and then thinking Grim and Frozen.
Thinking Forest, dom, 350tons / Grim, Dom, 450tons / Frozen, conquest, 400 tons.
sounds good.
173rd's upcoming raid maps all CONQUEST

Drop 1: Frozen City/350
Drop 2: Crimson Strait/400
Drop 3: The Mining Collective/450

morticia/aiden/xylog lets try and get together around 8:30 if possible and go over what we want from the practice tonight
so maybe we start, not being cannon fodder?
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