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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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8v8 Tournament Fire Relief Fundraiser for Seth of 6of6

Date: Feb 10, 2018
Time: 07:00 PM
In the next Fire Relief fundraising series, 8v8 tournament is happening Saturday Feb 10th, starting at 7pm EST.

Smoke Adders had a strong showing in 4v4, getting to the finals against some EmP and friends.

It would be a great opportunity and experience to do some comp style play. :D

We need 8 players. If plenty of interest, we could also submit more than one team in the tournament.

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technical issues, changed to accurate time and it wiped everything
I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE. But if that time is accurate Ill be there
Grrr, I corrected the time on the event. I thought I set it to MST...and it wiped the RSVPs.

It is 7pm EST, 5pm MST.
...and the comments too. doh!
Only thing I took from the comments is that one side was bad for conquest. And I bet we will be on the bad side the whole time..
A5 you have a deathstrike? you like throwing goose eggs?
KD and I did a quick analysis of the map in Lobby. Not sure what side they were referring as 'bad', the better side of two possible starting perches can be reached in similar amount of time from Team 1 and 2.
Wing said one of the sides can take a cap advantage from start.
Yeah. Wing said team 2 has map advantage
I would be like a hour late :(
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