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Scrim: 505th vs 228DFA, part 2

Date: Mar 15, 2018
Time: 09:30 PM
Hello 505!

We are scheduled for a scrimmage with 206th Death From Above, 228's third comp team.

Thursday March 15th at 930pm EST.

Maps, mode, and tonnage will be provided a bit later.


This will be second of two scrimmages with 228 Death From Above.

This time we will be Team 1 in the MRBC Season 10 week 1 maps.

Showing the wrong image for 505. :p
didnt have a mock up for 505th and 228 mixed.
Nerds from other Clusters, don't sign up for another's scrimmage. Clutters their "at a glance."
U guys ablw to field tonight?
We should base on responses last few days, just they have not RSVP'd. We will see.
Good hunting!
We need one.
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