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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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MRBC Scrim with R79T

Date: Mar 15, 2018
Time: 09:30 PM
Posted by: DGC aidenmpryde


MRBC Scrim with R79T this has been up for about 4 days now. Please check your calendars and mark your intentions...
Rubellite Oasis

Terra Therma

Caustic Valley

Tourmaline Desert

River City

These are the maps for week one in which R79T would to scrim with.
Need to know what team you want to be, 1 or 2.
We are team one, please submit you ideas to Cyph and KD for map straps and mech builds. Dont wait until the last min to start making suggestions. Tues will be are only time to sandbox and fix issues.


Just my 2 cents. The Assassin 23 with some flamers would be strong on these hot maps.
bad robot, bad bad robot!
You guys good for tonight?
should be
Here is the traffic from today:

Geg - Today at 10:45 AM
Hello again. Confirming you are still looking good for our MRBC Style Scrim using the Week #1 maps for this evening at 9:30pm Eastern. We're planning on taking Team #2 and will be joining your Lobby.
aidenpryde - Today at 6:52 PM
yes it is still a go. Sorry was at work and dont have discord on phone. you will want to look for Kuroidoragon or Cyphersphere they are the team captains. I will let them know you have verified the matches for to night.

Fangs Out!
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