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505 - Lines, Initiative, Formations, and Execution

Date: Mar 12, 2018
Time: 09:00 PM
Hello 505!

We will be doing something I have spoken before, which practicing our firing lines, formation when moving and holding, initiative both as a team and individually...and explanation on what we mean by it..

Going to be fun! It will be like infantry style tactics, but with giant robots!

While we will focus on 505 stuff, this practice will be open to other SA members.

Some reading material:

Tactic 101


Firing Lanes and Arcs


Hey, Mort... I see you can't make Tuesday. Does that mean more is going to get done tonight for the 505 than tomorrow?
We can go through maps at the same time tonight, or after.
i wanna do a line! i hear theyre good times
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