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373 Scrimmage vs -42- (T)

Date: May 03, 2018
Time: 09:15 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek


Might be catching the new Avengers with a friend that day. Waiting for show timings to open up for booking. Will confirm again tomorrow.
Gang, sign up if you can make it. Going to trying some significant pilot shifts based on sign ups.
I'm ready to drop.
prove it
Note: Will be here, may have issues. Technicians coming to work on the lines thurs after I raised hell with ATT. Started losing over half of my upload intermittently.
Ok this is no longer tentative, its locked in.

If you can make it but aren't signed up 1) let us know here and 2) you suck.
BW eta0h
I had initially selected no just in case, but I've been feeling better so I'll hop on for the matches.
BW Chimera11
Something came up so there's a chance I won't be there on time. I should be able to make the later drops still, but I can't guarantee it.
Will be on but maybe late for drop 1
BW Chimera11
Sorry guys, it's looking like I won't be available until well after the scrim will be over. Good thing we have a little while until our next match though, I should be able to participate in at least 1 more scrim before then.
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