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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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173rd vs OpFor

Date: May 20, 2018
Time: 09:00 PM
we are team 2


Viridian Bog
Mining Collective
HPG Manifold
Canyon Network
Grim Plexus


Any practice nights this week?
better be better by then
have a scrim tuesday with CWM for week 5 to help them prep. was planned before stormbringers forfeited.

so that leaves thurs and next tues/thurs to devote to prep for this fight. I am unavailable for the tuesday practice - work related
Tues/Wed/Thurs I plan on doing walkthroughs then an internal scrim and a scrim before our final match. Posting the event now.
just a reminder; pilots who attend scrims/practices relevant for this drop will be assigned
also where my signups at! ced, adrena, cyph, monty!
373rd and any other 505 looking to scrim with the big sneks (lol) give a holla down here in the comments so i can try my best to get a head count for an 8pm scrim/warm up for da trouser sneks.
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