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Stock Lobby Session (FINAL BEFORE LIVE COMP)

Date: Jun 26, 2018
Time: 09:30 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek
http://smokeadders.com/events/871334 - click to read the description, I'm lazy.


MOAR SNEKS - especially if you've been missing these, this is the last session before team captains take the plunge and start building their rosters.

Also, while we can rotate people in at a later date, which will be helpful if someone disappears and needs replacing, you are missing alot of opportunity to gel with teammates and truly get better as a team if you're coming in late as a substitute.
Tonight is the last night for tryouts, team captains will be locking in their 12 mans after tonight. Get in, get some GQ drops before and after and get with the squads.

Even if you dont end up making it into 373 or 173 (assuming you were trying in the first place) KEEP doing drops together. Keep learning and pushing each other. Plus......replacements will likely be needed, so you want to be foremost in a team captain's mental rolodex if they need to reach out for help. 505 continues to grow, as it does every season, and we need to push that group as well, so even casual players are encouraged to dive in. What have you got to lose? Top 100 teams earn some decent swag just for dipping their toes in the water of CompQ and even our most casual players are good enough to crack too 100 9r better!
I will attend if I get back home quickly enough after derby practice. End of the month and need to make attendance for that.
ill be there but may be alittle late
I wanted to change my attendance to maybe, haven't been feeling too good lately.
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