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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Manakeep 728x90

373 practice

Date: Mar 12, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 09:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: DGC madcat3050
We will do map run through's in prep for our match.


Got a meeting at end of work day but it might conclude around practice time
decks and pilots are up for the this week's match
also myj do you got the vids from last week?
BW Myj
I do from my perspective, i'll try and get them uploaded today. I'll keep you updated.
BW Myj
Alright this takes a long time lol, here's the first drop. Be gentle...

BW Myj
Gimme loadout for that MRM KTO

Some tweaks you could make if you wan though probably wont need 1700 rounds in a comp match could add that back armor to the arms. I don't if that would help but you know.
BW Myj
Perfect thanks, also, why KTO over WVR?
almost same armor as an IV-4 and sense its polar probably won't need JJ's
BW Myj
My man.
BW Myj
Here's Second Drop:

Hi, do you guys have a preferred ANH build for Solaris City?
I'm thinking either 4xLB10X or 2UAC5, 2UAC10
probs UACs
2 uac5 2 uac10 STD on the -1A. i put medium lasers in the CT in the rare event i lose both ST because of the godly tanking (disregarding D1 last week lmao). i can toss build code later tonight
OK. I don't have the 1A skilled up. Can get it skilled. Got the 2A and 1X. Any preference?
right now it's 1A and 2A are baller. 1X is only good for HGR + 7 energy or quad LBX10 and 2 are in the arms so kinda shitty convergence
here's the 1A dakka uacs: Ag8820j1|i^|jb|i^|Y?|Y?pB1|N@|7PqB1|N@|1@r00sj0|1@|LOth0|LO|7Puh0|LO|7PvB0|7Pw202020

ST: a454306c601de5871b1cfe7fbff32081eff7f000000000000000080a2211f

2A UAC/5: Ae8820j1|LO|LO|jb|i^|i^pB1|1@|1@qB1|1@|1@rf0|1@|LOs00tj0|LO|LOuj0|LO|LOvB0|LOw202020

(5s 10s on 2A is pretty easy to build; just STD engine and torsos. def can do CT lasers for zombie; just armor an arm for the other ammo)
Got it thanks