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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Manakeep 728x90

373 VS WKL

Date: Mar 15, 2019
Time: 09:15 PM
Posted by: DGC madcat3050
Our match vs WKL


BW Myj
Just speaking for me here: When you guys are coming up with decks and strats, please be sure to come up with whatever is completely ideal and let me know what mech and build is IDEAL and I will practice the mess out of it. Please don't feel like you need to what I already know, I can learn other things just takes me a few days of spam to dial it in.
ok, appreciate it man. I think ANH-1A would be good place to start. I love the mech but we are finding times where it might be easier for me to drop call from another mech if it is not just a hard push strat. HGR, 4 AC10, UAC/10 UAC/5 would be good to start with. I sent some builds for Kev in the other thread. I'll update my main thread as well in the forums.
BW Myj
Absolutely, I will start to run that bad boy for sure.
Just an idea, but I tend to paint my mechs to "blend" in with the map, i.e. white on polar, dark on solaris, etc. The last thing you want is to be a bright pink mech on solaris :)
BW Myj
Heck yeah
Boyz my CPU just shit the bed. Was playing mwo a few minutes ago and right during polar Highlands it hard crashed powered off then on and it saying operating system not found. Fun times. Will try to figure out what is wrong with CPU before match but ain't looking good. Fuck posting from the phone, our website don't like my phone. Hope I didn't just post like in triplicate
well popped in my old SSD, has windows on it, but MWO is very out of date. downloading now. hopefully will be good to go for match.
GL let us know if anything changes
loooking like it'll finish just in time.
BW Myj
Putting this here for anyone who doesn’t have access to the forums:

W2 - 373 -vs- White Knight Legion

1 - https://youtu.be/TllBL1ggQ1w
2 - https://youtu.be/2_WoX-Obtj0
3 - https://youtu.be/btfa3v4BMQA
4 - https://youtu.be/oNOtDv2QJgo
5 - https://youtu.be/BEgXpZacJk8

BW Myj

W2 - 373 vs WKL

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