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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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[Pinned] Current TS info
About us

[Pinned] Current TS info

Will keep this uptodate with the current Teamspeak IP and PasswordServer Adrees: ts.stranamechty.infoPassword: StranaMechty
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About us

[Pinned] The Clusters of the Smoke Adder Galaxy

ABOUT THE TOUMAN - NEW MEMBERSThe sibko is where new applicants reside. This is a probationary status and shows that a pilot has not yet been voted into the unit. As this is the most important step to membership, Blooded and regular members are ...
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[Pinned] The Trial of Position

As with any Clan unit, potential pilots earn their right to full membership as Warriors through Trials of Position. We use a similar process in the Smoke Adders.Via synch-drop or private lobbies (once introduced by PGI), pilots will face upwards ...
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[Pinned] Theta Galaxy - "The Smoke Adders"

Theta Galaxy of the Clan Star Adder Touman is a rapid deployment unit composed of Assault, Dragoon and Hussar Clusters and a Keshik Binary.As the only bid force allowed during the initial Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere (under bid contract to Cl...
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[Pinned] Membership Tenants

Like any organization that strives to compete competitively, we do have a full membership rules:1 - We don't trash talk. It's simply not needed. Playful banter is one thing, as is calling out people for boorish behavior in game/in chat/in comms. ...
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[Pinned] Earning Membership in Theta Galaxy, the Smoke Adders

Step 1 – a Player elects to apply with Theta Galaxy; they are given a quick PM from our Adder Keeper (currently Star Captain DarthRevis), elevated to the rank of Probate as a member of the Sibko (Sibling Company), they are given our TS information...
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[Pinned] Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders) (☠) Frequently Asked Questions (☠)

Q: Does Theta require Trials of Position?A: Yes, like many units there is a certain bar that must be met and we adopt the same methodology as Clans from canon (with the exception that people can ToP more than once if they choose to, in order to im...
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Coming back to MWO

Hey everyone its Hordes1ayer, I don't know if any of you remember me but I played with the 505 about a year or so ago for MRBC. I was from the Forlorn Hope Warriors with DjDizzyG and CongressHatesYourFreedom. After taking time off I feel refreshed...
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Hello and salute all! I'm looking for a unit to join. I'm fairly new to MWO (I'm right on the edge of breaking out of T5) but have been playing Mechwarrior since MW2. I did a lot of competitive play in MW4 Veng and Mercs before losing touch with m...
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Strana Mechty Teamspeak Server Open to the Public!

Disconnected from server (server version is too old for command)

I updated my teamspeak and now I get this message every time that I try to get on our TS server.Not sure what to do to fix this.
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I just wanted to say...

Thank you for inviting me to play with you today. you sent me a invite a few days ago and i was excited to drop with the unit who has one of the best comp teams. you gave me server info told me to come around 9pm EST today. I arrived early and wai...
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Tactcrafting - I'm not sure that term exists - but it should.

Greetings!I have been exploring some online strategies occasionally (I'm on vacation... i've got some hours to kill) and got interested in sites that allow you to share your strategy with other players. So far, I have been having a lot of fun with...
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CGBI Event, Spread the word.

@everyone Greetings in the name of Jorgensson and Tseng.Clan Ghost Bear International will be hosting a private event* for all clan loyalists. We invite you to bring your mechwarriors to our TS3 server cgbi.mainvoice.info:8501 on Saturday, Septem...
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Strana Mechty Teamspeak Server Open to the Public!

Gilmour's Fang Teamspeak Channel

@Cyphersphere I have been trying to get a channel set up in the StranaMechty TS for my unit, Gilmour's Fang. One of your unit members set up a channel, but he said I needed to contact you for the ability to modify the channel, etc. I will be on Sa...
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Looking for Mugz

Its is I Pappyboyington, been away for awhile due to illness in family. Hoping to get back soon but was trying to get a hold of Mugz but lost his number ad I've changed mine so he can't reach me. Does anybody have a number for him or an email a...
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Program not recognizing secondary track

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2017 World Championship

Adders --If you're definitely interested in competing in the 2017 MWOWC, or are certain you will not be, please indicate on the poll.The tournament will likely run with a comp queue, starting late June or early July and culminate with a regional r...
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hello hello!

Hello! I figure I would do introductions, as this seems to be the sub-forum for them. I have played against and with SA on and off in MWO since playing actively in the past year, and possibly in my sporadic playthroughs since beta. I have recently...
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Please contact me about discussing MRBC Comp play and membershipanswer@telus.netDiscord: https://discord.gg/M2u6nxIn game: Answer74Mobile 780-217-4002
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....what does a guy have to do to get a trial of position around here?:)
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