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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Like any organization that strives to compete competitively, we do have a full membership rules:

1 - We don't trash talk. It's simply not needed. Playful banter is one thing, as is calling out people for boorish behavior in game/in chat/in comms. But we don't bring words to the gunfight. We fight to win and let our actions speak for us. Anything else is a waste of time and energy.

2 - We have three to four event nights a week, and a Trial of Position day/night weekly.

Players interested in joining the unit are required to attend NONE of these and casual players, including those with very limited time available to play, will be placed in the 502nd Cluster. Those interested in CW and semi-competitive play can apply to the 505th Cluster, and those who can commit to the team and wish to try out for our competitive cluster can apply to the 373rd Cluster.

3 - We don't waste time lamenting the "meta" or crying about the state of the game. It's like a cancer in your organization to complain all of the time. You don't need to convince someone else the game is in bad shape, if you're not having fun. Simply bow out for a bit until either the game improves to your tastes or you decide to move on.

We respect that peoples' time is valuable and if the game isn't fun for someone....they should spend their time elsewhere. No bad blood can come from that.

That being said....regardless of skill level, team games require team practice and those pilots that wish to drop but not to attend any practices, will not drop in the competitive group simply because the other players deserve their time to be well spent as well.

4 - Casual players are encouraged to consider us. We play at all levels of the game and casual play can be a blast. Casual players may not always drop competitively, but we always need quality pilots because everyone's contribution to the organization can be helpful. Some of the best individual pilots out there are casual pilots that are not interested in competitive play.

5 - We do not select pilots for acceptance into the unit based on their KDR's, W/L records etc. So don't let your numbers shy you off from applying. This includes something called a Trial of Position (just as in the canon novels about the BT universe), but again while this is a fun and challenging facet of the game, it's not insurmountable.

That being said...we will drop with you a bit before we ask you to don our tags as a "Sibkin" which is merely a canon-esque way of saying new, probationary member.

7 - We all want to get better at this game in order to excel at competitive tournament play or community warfare, whether we're casual or competitive players. Please bear that in mind before applying. It's not merely a tag to wear.

We want our core pilots to strive to be the best and our casual pilots to be feared as well.

8 - Our pilots are open to constructive criticism at all levels in order to improve their play. We aren't jerks to each other but we do shine a light on poor game-play, if only to help someone get better.

9 - We DO recruit EU or Oceanic players, even though much of our playerbase is NA. We are actively seeking both EU/Oceanic players to expand our Touman into those vital timezones for community warfare.

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