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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Q: Does Theta require Trials of Position?

A: Yes, like many units there is a certain bar that must be met and we adopt the same methodology as Clans from canon (with the exception that people can ToP more than once if they choose to, in order to improve). Many great units use similar techniques, so this should not scare anyone off, especially if they are interested in getting better.

You can read more about our ToP here.

Q: Do I have to take the ToP to be a member of Theta Galaxy?

A: Any Clan-based unit is likely to raise the bar to entry somewhat compared to traditional open-recruiting based units and we're no different, so yes we ask all pilots to undergo the ToP. We also realize, it's a game so while a requirement to be a full voting member, it is not a requirement to stay! See more below.

Q: What is the difference then between someone who passes the ToP and one who has not yet done so?

A: Mechwarriors who have taken but not passed the ToP are full members of the unit, can drop with the unit, can voice their concerns in the Warrior's assembly when votes are called for significant acts, win recognition for valorous performance etc. Those that pass the ToP earn the rank of Blooded Mechwarrior and gain some key privileges.

Q: What are the additional privileges of the Blooded?

A: Blooded Warriors are afforded the right to vote when a vote is called in the Warrior's Assembly (more than simply raising concerns or saying opinions), they are the pool of pilots we use for selecting any and all leadership positions for Star Captain and above and they are the pool of warriors for which the Blood Officers (up to 9 within the Galaxy) are selected.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the Blooded Warriors plus the leadership team are the ones who vote on an applicant's codex. They determine who makes it into Theta Galaxy and who does not!

Q: What about Trials of Entry/Position or similar devices from other units?

A: If you are Blooded (i.e. have completed ToE/ToP or some similar event in a previous unit) we will consider waiving the ToP on a case by case basis on those pilots we can confirm are Blooded Mechwarriors. In terms of the lore, it would mean absorbing you as a bondsman before titling you a Blooded Warrior.

Q: What is the focus for the unit (casual, competitive, tournament play, planetary league play, other)?

A: Our focus will be on competitive and casual aspects, and dabble in community warfare while we wait for PGI to adjust it.

Q: Who are the Blood Officers for Theta Galaxy?

A: BO's are kept anonymous. They are asked to level an alternate account (Blood Officer 006, Blood Officer 717 etc) with at least one dueling chassis on it, ready for Trials of Position. Typically, we utilize a mix of Kurultai and Blooded Warriors to field BO's during a candidate's ToP.

Q: Why an Adder Galaxy and not one of the original invading Clans?

A: A few reasons. We felt it gave us some great flexibility in how we get involved in the invasion corridor for community warfare. Also, Clan Star Adder was one of the "smart" Crusading Clans meaning that in the lore they worked hard to keep their honor and to fight sensibly. They did not have the crazed bloodlust of CSJ and kept their vision pure in their intent to liberate Terra. Terrorizing and destroying a world was not acceptable to the Adders. Lastly, the lack of of written history on Adders in the lore, gives us flexibility on how we represent ourselves and associate with units ingame. We can focus on playing within the spirit of the Clan without adhering to some already written script.

Q: What then separates from the Adders from the other Crusader Clans, barring the obvious difference from CSJ?

A: Pragmatism and an overriding adherence to unity as an organization.

Seyla, the Clan word denoting agreement or adherence to a solemn action, is normally intoned at the end of someone speaking something of ritualistic or heavy importance to Clanners. Often it is used synonymously to stand for "unity," as in ritual agreement (aka showing unity with the righteousness of the speaker's words).

Under that definition, Star Adders perhaps most of all Clans, take this unity aspect to heart. While they retain a caste system in organizing their society, there is no stigma to being freebirth or trueborn, bondsman or warrior, Solahma or fresh recruit etc. Adders truly believe all people within their Clan can have value and in keeping with our belief that all pilots can earn their stripes in some fashion within our unit, this holds doubly true.

Their pragmatism runs throughout this concept of unity and additionally, Star Adders view the Kerensky's as fantastic leaders and strategic thinkers, but do not ascribe metaphysical ("demigod") facets to their remembrance of those leaders.

Star Adders value a military tradition of training, teamwork and espirit de corps over any sort of rigid, dogmatic adherence to ways that may or may not be functional. We feel this most closely matches the teamwork oriented spirit and embracing of casual and competitive core pilots for our organization.
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