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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Step 1 – a Player elects to apply with Theta Galaxy; they are given a quick PM from our Adder Keeper (currently Star Captain DarthRevis), elevated to the rank of Probate as a member of the Sibko (Sibling Company), they are given our TS information (and TS Tag), a unit invitation and asked to drop in with us for matches at their earliest opportunity.

Step 2 – Players drop with the Adders for several weeks typically, depending on their online activity. The more someone plays, the faster they are exposed to the team (and vice versa). Those with less online time available, it obviously takes longer to get “vetted” by the crew, but there’s no maximum time limit to this, so it’s not an issue. The game is not supposed to be an obligation or have a negative impact on people’s RL time.

Step 3 – The vote is called for by members. Usually, once a player has been with us long enough to gain some positive notoriety, myself or another member of the Kurultai will elect to start their vote. If we have no received “calls” by the Blooded Warriors to vote someone in after about 3-weeks, we start to ask around to get a better feel for that person’s online availability and adjust their vote time accordingly. We do not want people feel like they’ve been forgotten about as “the new guy” but again, we do not want to make players feel like they have to be online all of the time. Especially our smaller EU contingent, who can play quite a bit before enough of the Blooded Warriors have met them, through no fault of their own.

Step 4 – The VOTE begins. Blooded Warriors (those that have been voted in and passed a Trial of Position) are the only warriors eligible to vote on someone’s membership. Two thirds (2/3) of all active Blooded Warriors are required to vote on someone within the 7-days of the voting period. That # of voters is articulated in the voting instructions on the forums, so everyone sees the “hard count.”

Players are voted AFF, NEG or ABSTAIN.

A vote passes if someone receives at least enough votes (2/3rd of the active Blooded), with the preponderance of votes being AFF over Abstains and ZERO NEG votes.

A vote fails if it receives any NEG vote that cannot be overturned or if the votes are heavier on Abstains than AFFs.

In the case of high abstains, the candidate's vote is simply turned off and the player plays some more with the team. Abstains normally happen because people simply do not know the player well enough to vote on him or her.

NEG's are much more significant however. Negative votes stop an application cold. That is how seriously we take the enjoyment of the game, that would prefer to lose an applicant than introduce someone to the team that another player simply cannot be around.

NEG votes occur not due to skills or game play but due to someone being overly negative, constantly disruptive or abusive in comms, chat or the forums or just generally an immature, angry type of player that prefers to point fingers rather than learn from a loss (or a win) and move on.

NEG votes can be overturned by a member of the senior leadership (the Kurultai members) but such privilege is rarely invoked. Usually, we try to find why the NEG is in place, and if we can talk with the candidate to get them to lighten up on comms or be more of a team player.

If we cannot, we release that player from the unit.

Step 5 - Once voted in, a member becomes a "Snake" and is authorized to attempt the Trial of Position.

Passing a ToP makes a player a Blooded Warrior. Losing it, means being a Mechwarrior, but the ToP can be re-attempted at a later time.

Blooded Warriors are the only players eligible for the opportunities to take on higher ranks, become Blood Officers (those that fight the candidates on ToP), members of the Kurultai or volunteer to take part in the Adder Deep Space Project. Most importantly, they are the voting body of the Clan, both in matters of the unit itself and the voting in of future members.
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