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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Silent Death Sings Out In Victory

GC Lukoi Banacek / May 02, 2017
In MRBC competition, the 505th "Silent Death" Cluster rattled the heavens with it's first victory of the season in a close fought battle against the mercenary unit, the Forlon Hope.

Days of planning, intelligence gathering and force rehearsals resulted in the victory as Smoke Adders defeated their foes 3 engagements to 2.

Mechwarriors Meowzz and Murphy essentially won the fourth engagement with savvy play, and light scouting during the fifth engagement to help fellow Adders secure a come from behind victory. Tiger earned top honors as an Adder pilot, out-damaging all other Adders in four of the five engagements.

The fourth engagement proved the value of rehearsals as Adder forces rotated away from a deliberate enemy push to attrit foes with PPC and Gauss that set the stage for eventual victory, as light mechs secured final objectives and saved vital Battlemechs!

Position play on the Canyon dropzone assured an Adder victory, as the enemy was forced through objectives control to press into an established firing line of Assault mechs and a Night Gyr , allowing Adrenahawk and other pilots to finish our foes' eight mechs at the loss of only four of ours.

Overall, a long time coming and a great night of fights. Congratulations to the 505th -- ",...," Fangs Out! ",...,"



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