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MRBC Season 9 Ends on a High Note

GC Lukoi Banacek / Jun 19, 2017
The Adders Touman successfully fielded two teams in MRBC this season. With the 505th "Silent Death" introducing a multitude of new players to the rigors of Competitive play and the 373rd "Winged Vipers" being elevated ahead of schedule to a higher competitive division, it was a demanding 10 weeks.

The 505th fought extremely hard this season, took their lumps and the next generation of competitive warriors emerged from the Blooding, ready to continue their march towards Terra.

The 373rd managed to upset perennial Division B stalwarts, the Marine Mechs, to take 3rd place in the Division between rising start Isengrim and former Division A Blackstone-Knights, stealing key matches from both of those upper division teams in nail-biting fashion.

This Blooding will serve as the whetting of the fangs for the Adder Touman as we continue forward to MRBC S10 and the MWO World Championship!


Good season guys. Proud to have contributed to an outstanding group of pilots. I'm proud of how we handled the challenge of Div B and I'm excited to see what more we can accomplish.

Lukoi has brought this team a long long ways since I joined. Thanks to him for his guidance and leadership. It's exciting to see us continuing to move in a positive direction.

It's been a pleasure. Learned and re-learned a bunch of stuff. And best part, I like to play with most of you outside of comp matches as well! ;)
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