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Two More Blooded Warriors Added to the Touman!

GC Lukoi Banacek / Jul 09, 2017
In fierce fighting, new Warriors acquitted themselves as Mechwarriors worthy of Theta Galaxy Touman.

Bondsman Derek felled an opponent in cagey combat before falling victim to his second in an impressive fight that very nearly resulted in another kill, to become a Blooded Warrior.

Mechwarrior Vendetta also felled his opponent in close and vicious light combat, ripping advantage from a mistake of his opponent in heat management.

Mechwarriors Unf0 and Morticia each demonstrated admirable skill in close fights against strong, experienced Blood Officers of the Touman.

They will add their ferocity and cunning to our Touman. Their skill in battle shall send our enemies screaming in the night, running from fang and venom!

",...," Fangs Out! ",...,"


Glad to be a blooded member of this clan.
Congratulations! I'm proud to call you brothers and sisters!
Congrats to all of you.
Onwards. I will server the Adders will in my time here.
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