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Due Recognition!

GC Lukoi Banacek / Jul 29, 2017

ErfSpam has earned his right as a Snake, having passed the voting required by the Blooding Assembly!

He is the hunter, a stalker in the night, bringing down the great prey that is our enemy.

Let this rede serve as announcement of his entry into the honored ranks as sibkin no more.

Additionally, Warriors LeMaudit, Wyrmskull and Luminaye have all been advanced to Star Commander for the efforts in uniting, training and improving our 505th Silent Death Cluster. Their efforts reflect high credit upon themselves and the Warriors they lead within that Cluster!


This is what i like to see....

Adders doing their part. Way to make your Adder Keeper happy fellas, keep up the good work!
thank you
workin on star captain. do it one rank at a time =)
Thanks, Revis... We want a functioning 505th, so we're willing to do a little extra to keep it going.
Cheers guys for the good work on the 505th!
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