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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Two More Adders Show Themselves Worthy in Brutal Trials

GC Lukoi Banacek / Mar 18, 2018
In fierce fighting, new Warriors acquitted themselves as Mechwarriors worthy of Theta Galaxy Touman.

Bondsman Rattler85 felled an opponent in cagey combat before falling victim to his second in an impressive fight, to become a Blooded Warrior.

Mechwarrior Imperial Eagle came within one fateful blow from finishing a heavily damaged opponent to assume his role as Mechwarrior.

Votes by the Blooded Assembly on other sibkin candidates are even now being held as we strengthen the Touman with new warriors.

They will add their ferocity and cunning to our Touman. Their skill in battle shall send our enemies screaming in the night, running from fang and venom!


Rattler85 is ready to help the Smoke Adders win many decisive strategic victories!
Congrats guys well fought. Welcome to the Clan😀
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