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Another Warrior Added to the Ranks of Our Blooded Assembly, and more Warriors into the Touman

GC Lukoi Banacek / Jan 20, 2019
In fierce fighting, a new Warrior acquitted themself as a Mechwarrior worthy of Theta Galaxy membership.

Blooded Warrior Crysallis emerged from close combat victorious, handily destroying an enemy mech in his second Trial.

Mechwarriors Farseer and Rendition each fought valiantly, learning the hard lessons of battle as they take their place as Mechwarriors within the Touman.

They will add their ferocity and cunning to our Touman. Their skill in battle shall send our enemies screaming in the night, running from fang and venom!

",...," Fangs Out! ",...,"


Congrats and Great Job! :)

congrats Crysallis
Gratz! Crysallis
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