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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 04, 2019)
A power surge caused issues with the server, will probably be down until the hurricane passes tomorrow.
(Sep 03, 2019)
Ive been trying to test it out some b/c colorblind stuff too
(Sep 03, 2019)
most of that clarity should be coming from HDR, i assume? could be interesting to look into, particularly for Mining (dark) and Caustic (washed out)
(Sep 02, 2019)
oh I found what team texan is on
(Sep 01, 2019)
373 just so nobody forgets this saturday(dont know what time yet) is when our first tourney is
(Aug 30, 2019)
505 please let me know if a practice on Sat would work better than on Sunday. Otherwise I'm pushing the Sat to Sun. Check Saturday's event for more info
(Aug 30, 2019)
*assisted suicide by intimidation. Judas would know
(Aug 30, 2019)
(Aug 30, 2019)
figured Myj fried himself
(Aug 30, 2019)
(Aug 30, 2019)
so how does the last guy not have a kill in skirmish?
(Aug 25, 2019)
(Aug 22, 2019)
All, if you havent already, head to discord it will be what we use until Cyph is able to get the TS back up.
(Aug 21, 2019)
Shit was hot
(Aug 21, 2019)
The HVAC is out in my server room. I need to take TS down for a day or two before I can get it fixed.
(Aug 18, 2019)
Have added TOP for Sundays back on the events page. Blooded warriors please monitor it as we may need you to pilot. Thanks.
(Aug 16, 2019)
actually I added a up to date TS info in the about us section