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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Manakeep 728x90
(Jun 07, 2020)
Custom sound packs fixed all my audio issues. :D Imagine that.
(Mar 28, 2020)
All right you all I'm back you sonsabitches.
(Mar 15, 2020)
I am looking at putting together a second SA team for the 5v5. Message me ASAP if you are interested.
(Feb 28, 2020)
MWO Comp is running a 6 week 5v5 league this spring. Let someone know if you want to play.
(Jan 25, 2020)
Trying to get a group together tonight for some lobby matches
(Jan 05, 2020)
anyone up for some FP this evening?
(Dec 21, 2019)
Last night was fun, since we had a dozen people, we should probably just do a private lobby next time.
(Dec 14, 2019)
I think it's getting more shade than it deserves. I'm pretty critical of PGI and it's not a bad MW game. A few rough spots (spawning could use a little work) ,but overall better than I expected.
(Dec 13, 2019)
I was running tight for a while after stretching to buy a hero Hunchback. Got a good contract and salvaged mechs got me out of the hole, It is challenging to manage the money in and out.
(Dec 13, 2019)
I bought too many Blackjacks and went BK. Restarting! :D Game is more challenging than I originally gave it credit for.
(Dec 12, 2019)
I just want to shoot other humans. Shooting AI is no fun. I can't even taunt them.
(Dec 11, 2019)
My first impression is positive. The 'tutorial' was cringe, but it seems like the borrowed from Battletech what made it good and put it into a MW game.
(Dec 10, 2019)
My biggest issue is with the AI and with how brutally slow it is to load. Even running from fast SSD drive. Beta was limited to quick drops so am waiting till get some play on the released version to pass judgment on it.
(Dec 10, 2019)
I am hoping dropping very light from the recommended drop weight gets bonus in some way.
(Dec 10, 2019)
MWO5. Is it good or broken?
(Dec 10, 2019)
AI is pretty weak. Hopefully they listened to the Beta feedback. Found a way to use the jump ship to help kill off some aggressive AI players on one map.
(Dec 10, 2019)
Just started the download and it looks like the servers are all ready bogged down.
(Dec 10, 2019)
I'm downloading the full release now. Pros - Jump jets Cons AI is horrible.
(Dec 09, 2019)
Just hope the FPS isn't so all over the place
(Dec 09, 2019)
Tonight is Christmas Eve; Was Russ a good boy in 2019, or will we all wake up to a lump of coal in our stockings?