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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 08, 2019)
two more sleeps
(Dec 07, 2019)
Sorry all I had to take a short break due to work. I havn't forgot about you all
(Dec 06, 2019)
MW5 is fun! Exceeded my expectations so far. Anyone else digging it?
(Nov 26, 2019)
woo downloading...
(Nov 19, 2019)
T - 7
(Oct 28, 2019)
(Oct 22, 2019)
x X A i D s X x ... get it right unfearing ffs
(Oct 21, 2019)
I think I just got aids from reading myman spelled like that
(Oct 21, 2019)
M y M a N !
(Oct 16, 2019)
(Oct 07, 2019)
But you make a good point. I have traditionally looked for utility out of unloved mechs/loadouts. I like new ways to win. It is more challenging, but more rewarding.
(Oct 07, 2019)
So noted! It was just a build I used for the weekly challenge. Served the purpose.
(Oct 07, 2019)
I do not like your mist lynx build friend
(Oct 07, 2019)
I had a 1 vs 1 throw down with our old teammate Inviictus plus one more. https://youtu.be/ScoK40ZjfEk
(Oct 04, 2019)
It passed through the event horizon when migrating it.
(Oct 03, 2019)
definitely not right, hurricanes are at least every other year
(Oct 03, 2019)
That can't be right. https://imgur.com/gzVDjly
(Sep 30, 2019)
check the edt/est/debalces on discord 373
(Sep 28, 2019)
agreed, we ought to cut such a dependable, trustworthy, AAA+ company some slack for constantly delivering high quality patches and improved user experience every patch
(Sep 26, 2019)
Its really hard for PGI to not break stuff when you add so much content every month