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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Manakeep 728x90
(Jan 27, 2014)
Hah Bounty, I bet she will remember me...
(Jan 27, 2014)
Pull up those pretty pink panties boyz!
(Jan 19, 2014)
Practice 830pm EST!!! Be there to wreck-Mechs everyone!
(Jan 17, 2014)
Im having massive internet provider and modem problems. might not be on tonight....might have to wait until provider gets out here to troubleshoot. might need new modem. hating TWC atm.
(Jan 16, 2014)
Session Lost, Session Lost, Session Lost.... Pre-Patch jitters I assume.
(Jan 16, 2014)
Session Lost, Session Lost, Session Lost.... Pre-Patch jitters I assume.
(Jan 14, 2014)
And so has MOE's!! Get in there and VOTE!!
(Jan 14, 2014)
BUG STOMPER'S VOTE HAS BEGUN!!! If you are a Blooded Warrior, please vote within the next seven days on Bug!
(Jan 04, 2014)
too many folks still out of town for the holiday timeframe. We are pushing for our first big practice back from holidays this Sunday, 9pm EST.
(Jan 04, 2014)
k what happened to pracice tonight?
(Jan 03, 2014)
(Dec 30, 2013)
Post in practice times if you get the time please! Whatever your schedule allows for after the holidays!
(Dec 29, 2013)
Voting on Mensch began moments ago! Get in there and vote if you are a BW! :P
(Dec 27, 2013)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday!! :D
(Dec 25, 2013)
merry x-mass all and my pudders up n runnin strong se u out there :)
(Dec 24, 2013)
Merry Christmas Smoke Adders, I am hanging with the family for a few days so my presence will be spotty at best till Thursday. Have a good Christmas and enjoy some relaxation if you can.
(Dec 23, 2013)
still got pudder probls think it was a bad ssd cache drive lol reloading now :)
(Dec 22, 2013)
The vote on Jimon has begun. If you are a Blooded Warrior, now is the time to enter your vote!
(Dec 22, 2013)
I have extra family in law staying in my office during the holiday. May or may not find time to log on during my normal hours.
(Dec 19, 2013)
power supply isues down to 1 hd7870 till i upgrade but running now ... fingers crosed for the old power supply to hold on for two weeks :)