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Theta Galaxy (Smoke Adders), Clan Star Adder
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Manakeep 728x90
(Nov 23, 2013)
Voting has begun for Reginulfr and Bearsfan! If you are a voting member, get your butt in there and vote please!
(Nov 21, 2013)
wont be on tonight since its Thursday so if anyone sees Darkstar385, BenZino or USMC Iceman tonight can you do ke a favor and tell em to check their PMs on MWO website. sent them some questions about their status. Thanks.
(Nov 20, 2013)
Reginulfr, you getting on?
(Nov 19, 2013)
seeya when you can get on Cypher!
(Nov 19, 2013)
Not going to be on today. The patch is pretty big for my measly connection.
(Nov 14, 2013)
And I am still hoping to change Moenrg's mind. The goal is to get our core crew together and well practiced so when CW arrives we can start raiding and taking planets immediately instead of learning how to fight as a team!
(Nov 14, 2013)
If someone sees Spike in TS (ingame name Spike Kramer), can they ask him if he had any questions about our invite? He is the last of our initial invites and I know he rarely checks forums so he didnt get notice invite for over a week.
(Nov 11, 2013)
I can see people periodically logging in to check stuff out....we need an integrated instant messenger on this site I think, lol
(Nov 10, 2013)
38-17...yea, Rolltide indeed
(Nov 09, 2013)
Get ingame so we can wreck some Mechs! ROOOLL TIIIDE
(Nov 09, 2013)
(Nov 07, 2013)
Forums are still a work in progress. Hit me up if you are a member and cannot see more than than the 3 forums set aside for visitors!
(Nov 05, 2013)
(Nov 04, 2013)
Testing...Does this sucker work? (☠)